Courses & Programs

ProSpeech Coaching offers standardized programs divided into four sections:

  • Diaphragm, Voice and Volume
  • The Use of Body in Communication
  • Winning over the Counterpart
  • *Creating the Message

*For countries outside the USA/UK/Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Voice and Volume

The course starts by clients discovering their voice and its true potential. By locating and engaging the diaphragm and starting to use the muscles in the stomach area for breathing, the clients will enjoy fuller respiration, with no more pressure on the vocal cords, allowing for virtually unlimited speaking time.
After completing the first part of the course, the clients will get used to the sound of their voice, and learn to appreciate its natural quality. They will also learn how to use the volume for best results.
This segment of the course is largely based on one of the key parts of the Lee Strasberg Method. Strasberg, frequently referred to as the father of modern acting helped talented young people like Meryl Streep, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro engage their true potential and become what they are today.
He discovered that voice is the bridge connecting an individual to his/her emotional memory, which greatly impacts all aspects of our behavior and therefore our public performance as well.

The Use of Body
in Communication

This part of the course is about re-evoking your body’s receptors and activating them in order to improve your communication.
The counterpart, be it an existing or a future business partner, your boss or your employee is more than just a business decision, investment or leverage. They are first and foremost the way they manage the space around them, which people perceive as appearance.
We will show you how to move your body elegantly, yet decisively, and tell you about the ways in which the body language can influence the perception your business partners and even the close ones have of you.
Following the method of Alexander Lowen, American physicist and psychiatrist who dedicated much of his career examining the relationship between the body and its surroundings, you will be able to ground yourself properly and make that determined step.

Winning over
the Counterpart

Once your voice and your body give balanced output, you will be ready to learn how the professional performers win over their audiences.
From selective eye contact, via mirroring to the efficient use of pause, you will discover how to efficiently manage different sizes of audience and for different purposes.
In order for you to best see your transformation during the course, a professional film camera and a voice recording device will be available to mark your progress giving you the ability to look back and analyze all of the steps.

Creating the Message -
Efficient Use of Data in Communication

It is the opinion of the majority of people whose vital part of work is handling information, that American and English newspapers are the best in the world, because you can quickly and easily tell what the article is about. By no coincidence, the most widespread business models come from those same societies.

Throughout the business world, it is becoming increasingly important to emphasize that efficient use and placement of data means faster and clearer communication, which enables more and better business to take place.

This simple sounding mathematic can be surprisingly difficult to apply in countries where English is not the first language, since the people in those societies have been educated to treat the information differently.

To save our clients from those countries time and money and improve the way in which they communicate with their business partners, we have decided to upgrade our standard program, and offer this extra segment.

Group size

Clients can chose between individual and group courses made for groups of 4 or 6 people. If the client wishes, ProSpeech Coaching may assist in forming the groups based on consultations with participants and the preferences of the company.


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