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Before your thought becomes action it needs to go through the breath – voice – speech articulatory mechanism, and this is where the glitch that leads to failed negotiations, disappointing presentations and the fear of public speaking is created.

From the time you were born, the natural ways of your body have been subjected to a long list of social rules, making the body less agile. Between then and your adulthood, you have likely lost two important tools: the ability to ground your body properly, and the ability to use the diaphragm for speaking.

However, as human beings can’t bypass the rules of the animal world, we are attracted to people we describe as charismatic, people who can hold their ground, who can seduce with their voice and mesmerize with a single look.

Charisma, the distinctive mark of leaders is both inherent and learnt.

Our task is to help you bring out your charisma, by teaching you how to get up on your feet again, and how to use your voice. With every step more determined and every word resounding more strongly you will be seen and heard, as you were intended to be.

By working with ProSpeech Coaching, the natural power of your voice and the agility of your body will be released, resulting in greater internal satisfaction and more harmonious outside appearance.

The courses we offer will give you the tools to successfully manage stage fright at meetings, the shiver of the voice at the key moment of negotiations, and the horror induced by the red light on a microphone or studio camera and use them to your advantage.

Our across-the-board experience combines background in different cultures, in performing arts and media as well as in business.

For clients outside the USA/UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand, ProSpeech Coaching also offers programs for efficient use of data in communication in Business English.

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ProSpeech Coaching is based in Madrid, Spain, allowing for good communication with areas which form our client base – the USA, South America, Europe and the Arabian Peninsula.


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